Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Become a "Professional Card Sender"

Professional Card Senders provide a service for other small business professionals. As a card sender, your job is to keep these professionals, such as Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, in contact with their large client base. In order to keep the relationship strong with their clients, they need to continually work the relationship with their clients.

You help each of the professionals organize their contacts into a spreadsheet. Then you work with your client to devise a contact plan. Will they be sending out a standard Thank You with a follow up in 30 and/or 90 days. Will they send personal birthday cards or just a standard holiday card to everyone?

Here is where it becomes easy. Through the use of modern technology you can upload the spreadsheet into an online contact manager. Then you select the cards online for the different campaigns. You would simply broker the service and make a certain for doing it.

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