Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Send Greeting Cards through the Soldier's Angel Program

Greeting cards are an excellent way to support our troops stationed around the world. The Soldier’s Angels Program provides a way to connect with soldiers, sailors and airmen with those who enjoy writing, and who know how important it is to hear your name called at mail call (sadly some soldiers get no mail at all from back home).

How it works: You may sign up for as many days in the week as would like to write letters. On each day you sign up for, you will receive (via email) a new name and address to write to. You are only asked to send one card or letter to each address you receive, but of course may send more if you like.

Quality greeting cards are an excellent way to participate in the Soldier’s Angel Program. E-cards are not the same and most military services block them because of the danger of computer viruses. As an ex-military member, I know personally that getting something real, in your hand means a lot when you are away from home. Just a quick note letting them know you appreciate their service will do the trick.

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