Thursday, June 25, 2009

Send Greeting Cards to Increase Customer Loyalty

Many factors predict customer loyalty, including satisfaction with the product and customer service, trust and length of purchase history, but a company that thanks their customers can definitely create loyalty among their customers. And, why not send cards? They are inexpensive, but they are an effective way to connect with customers and let them know you care. If you think you're just adding to the pile of mail consumers receive every day, only 44% from a recent survey received a thank you card from companies after a major purchase. Sending a real, personalized greeting card distinguishes your business from the pack.

You can send a greeting card any time of year

You don't need a major holiday to send a greeting card or note; you can send them anytime. The holidays are a perfect excuse for sending a card, but holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are busy times of the year for most people and they receive a lot of mail from a lot of sources. If you want to send a card that is connected to these holidays, send them a few weeks or a month early. It's not uncommon for people to receive Christmas cards the week after Thanksgiving! You can also send cards for holidays during other parts of the year. Send cards for uncommon holidays: Groundhog Day, St. Patrick’s Day. This will distinguish your business from the others.

Add a personal note to the card

If you write in your own handwriting a sincere thank you note expressing your appreciation for customers' business, you'll strengthen that customer relationship more so than with a generic card that you send to everyone. Mention the product or service that was just purchased and let the customer know that you want their experience to be perfect and offer a customer service number (or even better, include a business card as a picture in the card) for their reference.

You don't need to give them something every time

Many companies send out greeting cards with some kind of discount coupon or some other kind of offer. While that is okay if you want to do it, it is not required and even sometimes counterproductive. You don't need to send them an offer every time. Those promotional offers can run into a lot of lost profit. Just saying a nice thank you is enough for them to remember your company, your logo (put it in the card as a picture) and your brand. That way they won’t equate the card with advertising and only as a sincere appreciation of their business.

Greeting cards can increase customer loyalty. When an usable card distribution system is purchased that can easily collect customer names, addresses, and special dates, then use them in card sending campaigns, businesses can use greeting card marketing in a cost effective manner.


jay scott said...

Hey, I agree that there's certainly a lot of merit to using business greeting cards. We've been using Hallmark Business Expressions for ours. The price/quality is pretty good. Have you used them before? Do you use another company?

Michael said...

Hi Jay,
We use another system. You will have to contact me for details. Price is about $1 a card.