Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Start a Greeting Card Business

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David Dutton has written a good article on “7 Reasons Why Starting a Greeting Card Business Makes Complete Sense.”

People want the product
People buy what they want, not what they need. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to hand me money and selling a product that people want makes my life easier.
The greeting card industry is a billion dollar industry.
By showing people that they can send real greeting cards right from their computer and in their own handwriting, for about a dollar, it is a no brainer for people.

People want the product
David stresses this. Sell something people want.

Starting a greeting card business is so much fun! People gravitate to opportunities that are fun and exciting. The greeting card business is like that. People react positivity when they receive a greeting card with pictures on the cover and a funny message.
It is almost like instant gratification because within 5-7 days people will call you and be so thankful for the card you sent.
When I was working with other products, it was hard to get motivated about the products, not true when starting a greeting card business.

Low cost to join.
For a low amount of money you can be in business in minutes and join a winning team to support you in your new business. That is cheap compared to other opportunities. Plus you can use the service yourself.
David explains that it takes only a small amount to say yes but it takes $10,000 to say no to this opportunity.
In other words, by saying no to joining a team, you could be missing out on over $10,000 in residual commissions.

3 ways to make money
David states that you can go after opportunities that interest you. If retailing is your thing then you can go after that huge niche. David states that retailing can be done through - friends, family, open houses, home parties, retail stores, craft shows and boutiques, county fairs and street fairs, business expos, while out and about, etc. Fundraisers - sports teams, school PTA's/PTO's, church groups, youth groups, dance studios, non profit organizations, school bands, boy/girl scouts, etc.
If you want to start a greeting card mailing business for other businesses then you can do that. If you just target business owners who want to grow their business then you could literally clean house because they are always adding new customers and contacting the ones they already have.
If you want to build a team to market the business then you can do that and build your residual income.

A consumable product that virtually everyone uses and has built in demand.
Guess what? Christmas comes in December this year...and next year....and next year.
Birthdays are in the same category. People buy greeting cards every year and if you can show them a cooler way to send those cards then they would send even more cards.

A solid program where people can learn a few simple steps and they can be profitable.
There is a huge up line with several events each week for training. These coaching sessions along with materials from the main organization set people up for success.

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