Friday, July 17, 2009

Thank You Cards

A thank you card is what makes a gentleman a gentleman and a lady a lady. It displays grace, courteousness and thoughtfulness. Sending a thank you card distinguishes one from the masses. In business, it acts as a relationship builder with you and your customers showing them you appreciate and value their patronage.

We should teach our children to respond promptly after receiving a gift and send back a thank you card. This teaches them to respect the effort that giver of the gift made. Explain to the child why it is important to say thank you for a gift. Talk about how the person cared enough for them to find the perfect item, buy it, wrap it and deliver it. Tell them how special it would be for them to get a note from your child saying how much he loved his present. Take your child's age into consideration. A very young child can't write a note. It is a nice idea to use a card system where you can include a picture of the child playing with toy or wearing the article of clothing. An older child who knows how to write should write a regular thank you note.

In business after a job interview, most hiring managers expect to receive a thank-you note. It's important to act quickly when sending a thank-you card to your interviewer. From an article from Career Builder - a thank-you note allows you to accomplish three objectives: Express your appreciation for the opportunity; reinforce your interest in the job; and restate the value you can bring to the organization. And, often, composing a thank-you note takes less time than you may think since this type of message should be only a few paragraphs in length.

Do not underestimate the power of a thank you card. First, a thank you card lets someone know that you received something. Secondly it lets them know you were thinking of them and that you appreciate them. Here are some tips for the either personal or business cards:

• Use Dear with their first name for the greeting if you have a personal relationship with them. Otherwise, use Mr. or Ms.
• Give as many details as needed to personalize the card but be brief and to the point.
• Be sure to emphasize the word "you" and under emphasize the word "I".
• Mention the gift, interview, service, or favor that you are writing the card about. Be sure to include how the gift, interview, service, or favor has affected you specifically.
• End the card with an informal closing, such as "best", "regards", or "sincerely".
• Always check your spelling and grammar.

Find a system that allows you quickly send cards without having to travel to a store. With this, you will not have any excuses for not sending a card.

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