Friday, January 1, 2010

Network Marketing Greeting Cards

New: greeting cards!Network marketing is really less about selling a product than it is about building and maintaining relationships with a whole lot of people. While it’s impossible to have truly close relationships with twenty, fifty, or a hundred people, it is possible to maintain some level of connection. If you’re moving up in the network marketing world, you’ll have more and more people underneath you in the marketing scheme, and greeting cards can be a great way to stay in touch with those who are essentially helping you make money. If you need to get more leads for your marketing campaign, you can also go with greeting cards.

Essentially, sending out greeting cards presents you as a person who truly cares about the people he or she works with. In network marketing, your image is everything because it’s what sells the idea behind the product that you’re selling. If you can improve the image of you that those who are below you in the network marketing scheme hold, you’ll do a better job of forming solid relationships and contacts that last a lifetime. Besides this, if you make yourself seem more accessible, those who are working with you will be more likely to come to you with questions, which means they’ll be less likely to drop out of the network marketing company.

Obviously you can’t send cards to everyone for every single thing that happens in their lives. You need to prioritize. Maybe you send out holiday cards to all of your contacts in December but focus on sending birthday cards, anniversary cards, and congratulations cards to those who are closest to you in the network marketing scheme. These people, after all, are the ones upon whom you are most depending, so you should definitely focus on maintaining relationships with them.

Each time you send out a card to your network marketing contacts, be sure that it’s personal without being overly pushy. If you have a small enough group of contacts, write a personal note in each greeting card, and try to focus on praising your contacts for what they’ve done over the past year, six months, or whatever. You may even want to include a picture of your family or the workers at your office, which will give people faces to go with the names that they’ve been hearing. This is especially useful for contacts that you’ve never actually met.

When you’re giving cards to your closer contacts, be sure to step it up a notch. Maybe instead of simple postcards with a one-line note from you, you should send a beautiful card in an envelope with a longer note about what you’ve appreciated about that person over the past year or so. Kind words – as long as they are heartfelt and true – will serve to build up relationships more than almost anything else, so you can definitely keep your most important network marketing relationships going by thoughtfully using greeting cards and words that actually mean something. Focusing on other people is really how network marketing ends up bringing benefits back to you, anyway.

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