Friday, January 22, 2010

Ways to Personalize Marketing Greeting Cards

Marketing greeting cards can be a great way to maintain contact with your clients, to form relationships with new and potential clients, and to make sure that people are speaking well of you and spreading word of your business in a wonderful way. However, many marketing greeting cards are pretty bland and predictable, and some people get more annoyed at the cards that stuff up their mailboxes than they are appreciative of the thoughtfulness of their banker, real estate agent, or whoever else.

dr steve If you really want to impress your clients, you should send greeting cards with a personal twist. There are many ways that you can do this, and most of them aren’t even too complicated. Just to get you started, here are a few ideas.

First off, try sending the greeting cards at unexpected times. Everyone gets an influx of cards in their boxes throughout the month of December, but consider sending cards for Thanksgiving or just after the New Year. These cards will be more appreciated simply because they’ll be more noticeable. They won’t end up getting lost in the shuffle, and they can also extract you from some of the politically correct awkwardness that comes around all the religious holidays at the end of the year.

Next, try creating greeting cards that really say something about you and your business. You might try putting a family picture on the front of the card or putting a picture of you and all your staff and coworkers inside. This way, if people don’t recognize your name off the bat, they’ll remember your face and understand why you’re sending them a card. Plus, letting people know that you have a lovely family or a good relationship with your coworkers and staff can help them form a positive image of you, which will only aide in your efforts to form good client junk

You can also personalize cards by put your own handwriting in them and including personal details of your clients and customers. For example, a real estate agent could comment on the new paint or front garden in a home she recently sold that she happened to drive by recently. You can also make inquiries about people’s family members, and using names will seriously help the relationship along. In fact, as often as you can, address each family member by first name. The fact that you even remember first names will be a big deal for your clients, let alone the fact that you took time to write to the family in a personalized card.

Finally, whenever you do a mailing, try to use the real cards that come in envelopes and don’t look like just another sales ad to be thrown into the recycling bin. Using pretty cards, even if you know that you bought them cheaply, can be a great way to make your business look good and to make your greeting card seem even more thoughtful. Plus, people are more likely to read a nice looking card that comes in a envelope.

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