Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keep Them Coming Back with Greeting Cards

If you’re in a networking business, real estate, or a financial firm, one of your main goals will be to maintain customer relationships. It’s not like you’re a grocery store where people will show up often because they always need a gallon of milk or a dozen eggs. You need to work harder to keep your clients thinking about your business so that they come back, and you need to work hard to build a sterling reputation so that word of mouth advertising expands your business more than anything else would. One way to maintain these close ties with your clients and to keep them coming back to your business time and time again is to use greeting cards.

Thanks from CNNThere are many different ways that you can use greeting cards, and there are many appropriate times to send them to your clients. Overall, though, the more personalized the cards are, the more likely your clients will be to sit up and take notice. Also, sending greeting cards in a timely fashion will help you make sure that your clients really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

One great time to send a greeting card is to a new client who has just switched his or her business to you. If a homeowner has listed her home with you, send her a card thanking her for the business. If an investor has started using your investment services over the services of another financial firm, send him a thank you note. The point of these cards isn’t, Thanks ;)of course, to point out how the client is much better off with you, anyway, but to show the client that you do appreciate his or her business and that you’re willing to work to make him or her happy.

You can also use greeting cards to alert clients of special deals. If you have a decent client base built up, maybe you could send greeting cards to everyone who has been with your business for several years, offering them a thank you for sticking by you for so long and some sort of discount or special deal as a way to thank them for their loyalty. Again, this will simply remind clients that you are thoughtful and that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them, which will easily turn five years of loyalty into several decades.

Merry Christmas from Your MilkmanOf course you can always send clients cards around the holidays, too. This is a prime time for sending out deals, thank you notes, and notes of encouragement or appreciation. You could send a traditional Christmas card or a more generic winter holiday card. Alternatively, you could get your cards in the mail early in November in time to arrive for Thanksgiving. This holiday is usually overlooked for card giving, but cards that come at this time are more likely to be noticed simply because the mailbox won’t be flooded with Christmas greetings from friends, family members, and other businesses. Sending your cards at a unique time is a great way to be sure your clients notice your thoughtfulness.

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