Monday, March 1, 2010

Clients for Life with Cards

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Many types of businesses use greeting cards as a way to build relationships with their clients. Some of these greeting cards simply go out on a regular basis and include coupons or discount vouchers, but some smaller businesses can really keep their clients happy with personalized greeting cards sent at just the right time. People who benefit most from greeting cards are those who depend on building up a client base or those who depend on word-of-mouth advertising, including insurance agents, real estate agents, and even small town hairdressers and tailors.

If you are an independent agent or if you own your own small business, the idea of sending greeting cards to all your clients at just the right time might seem completely overwhelming. After all, you have to take care of all your regular marketing needs, keep your business running, and deal with the clients who are in front of you now. However, you can’t afford to miss out on the way that regular greeting cards can keep you at the forefront of your clients’ minds and build you a client base for life.

There are many different ways that you can send greeting cards to your clients or potential clients, but it’s important that you connect with people during times that they’re open to the connection. During holidays and birthdays, people are likely to appreciate the fact that you took time to send a card. If you’re in a position to know about things like graduations and new births, you can even send greeting cards for these occasions. Your clients will be very impressed that you thought of them during these less typical  times, and they’ll certainly appreciate the fact that you know a bit about their lives beyond just the parts that you deal with directly.

If sending out a hundred Christmas cards to your clients each year seems overwhelming, consider sending cards at off times of the year and splitting your cards between different clients. For instance, send out fifty cards around the Fourth of July,Tucker Corporation Christmas Card, 1947 and send out fifty more before the holidays around Thanksgiving. At any rate, this can also help you avoid some of the “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” dilemma that confronts you during the month of December.

Also, you can easily set up a system for sending out birthday cards to clients at the beginning of each month. This has the advantage of splitting up your card sending responsibilities into manageable amounts, and you may even be able to write in personal messages if you only have to send ten or fifteen cards each month. Plus, your clients will love getting birthday cards since almost everyone is used to getting special attention around his or her birthday.

At any rate, greeting cards pose an affordable option for keeping in touch with many of your former clients. The relationships that you have with these people – whether they are ongoing or one-time – will be invaluable in keeping your client base solid and in getting the word out about your business to many other potential clients.

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Having those greeting cards sent on your clients birthdays is really a good way to make your customers feel they are valued. Good point.